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Our review of three CD that we feel are worth a listen. These are not always new releases and in some cases may no longer be available for purchase.

In 2012 Andrew Peterson released his newest album, Light for the Lost Boy. Reviews hailed it as "the best album of the year." His previous project Counting Stars debuted at #1 on iTunes, and #6 on Billboard. This project is his ninth studio release and perhaps his best. The songs on this CD take the listener on a journey that will make one laugh, cry and praise God. The track that stands out musically is "Cornerstone", it is easily one of the best songs I have ever heard. The song "You'll Find Your Way" brings our children into prospective by reminding us that we must continue to point them to the foundation of Gods word. "Day by Day" gives us the reality that we are all getting older and life as we grow older brings many different challenges, but gives us clear focus on the greater life, our eternal life. Andrew, thank you for another great CD that is full of inspiration and direction from the Lord. - CD track listing
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2014 has brought us the sixth studio release from Casting Crowns called Thrive. This CD is a project worth a listen as it brings some style changes to the band. The lyrics do not disappoint either, they are classic Casting Crowns. The track "All You've Ever Wanted" is easily one of the standout tracks on the CD and has had lots of radio airplay. "Love You with the Truth" gives us a wake up call to reach the lost and shows us a different view of speaking the truth in love. The song "House of Their Dreams" is powerful and simple! It is seemingly a spin-off or continued theme of their song "American Dream", with the driving message being the glue that can fix the broken family. Listening to "Waiting for the Night to Fall" gives us a refreshing reminder of the enemy and his lies and is one of my favorites on the CD.
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And All The Decorations, Too was released in 2002 by Ross King. This project is full of tracks that make the listener take stock of the faith they think they have and convict us to live a life that reflects the essents of God. This projects brings 12 tracks that are more powerful than anything on christian radio, and more powerful than most sermons. "Clear the Stage" is the last track on the CD and is the perfect way to end your listening journey of this project. The song charges us to clean our hearts of anything that we put before our Father, even our musical worship. "Unplowed Ground" is probably my favorite song on the CD, a story of two farmers. One farmer looking back on better days and feeling tired of the lifeless land his life was becoming. He was exhausted from struggling, to the point that any desire to grow (develop our relationship with God) had dried up and withered. Jeremiah 4:3 tells us that like a farmer breaking up hard unplowed ground, we must break our rebellion and make a renewed start; just as the farmer must clear away thorns so the seed is not wasted. It is a call to renewal, to remove the things from our lives that hinder our growth as followers of God. The second farmer is the opposite, having a time of great abundance. We lose sight of God and become rather materialistic when thing are going great or even good. The reference to Hosea 10:12 applies to us, showing that again God calls His people to break up their unplowed ground, and to sow righteousness instead of wickedness or materialism."Things That Matter","You Can" and "Smaller Victories" make this CD complete with more God inspired lyrics and catchy hooks that will have you singing them as you are thinking about your walk with God. The review of this CD could easily use up all my web space as I type my thoughts out. Ross King has "And All The Decorations, Too" and the rest of his music available at rosskingmusic.com.
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